The chrome extension is avaliable atDsmatepro This extension helps shopify merchants to import data from dropshipping sites like,, etc...

User Data Policy

  • Our extension just scraps the website data and user preferences data like currency selection. apart from this the extension doesn't store any personally identifying data like name, phone number etc.
  • our extension work with shopify application, so only shopify merchants will be able to use this extension. user related data will be managed by shopify application. This chrome extension will only takes care of scrapping data.
  • User Data Permissions Policy

    The chrome extension used minimal permissions to implement the chrome extension features. The following permissions are used

    • storage permission is used to store user preferences like currency, commission rates,shipping address etc..
    • webrequest permission is used to sync data when price at source is changed. webrequest will be used in the background to send updated price information
    • cookies permission used to maintain user currency settings (USD, EURO etc..) against each website while running update in the background, the script take currency data from storage and sets cookies against respective site to verify change in price information.
    • permissions to all supported websites aliexpress, banggood, dhgate etc... are used are added to manifesto


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